Tenqi Clouds

What is Tenqi?

Tenqi CloudsTenqi is Heavenly Energy or Heavenly Spirit. Tenqi is a partially decentralized autonomous organization. Tenqi is completely an idea. Tenqi is the foundations of Tenqido, a religion that is not a religion. Tenqido is a religion. Tenqido is much like Unitarian Universalism. You can believe whatever you want and still be part of Tenqido, as long as you are authentically peaceful. Hindus, Christians, Jews, and Buddhists and so forth can all practice Tenqido, while still practicing their more traditional religion. Tenqido is not a traditional religion. Tenqi is about increasing tenqi, utopian/heavenly energy. One of Michael Ten’s goals is to educate humans about tenqi and Tenqido. For now, to learn about Tenqido, study the ideas and art of Michael Ten. Michael Ten creates art around the spiritual principle of Tenqi. He does this while practicing Tenqido. Michael Ten creates art and writes.

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