About Tenqido

Embodying the principles and spirit of Tenqido, “The Way of Heavenly (Spirit) Energy,” we approach its essence with mindfulness and a deep commitment to fostering a world that reflects the highest ideals of peace, love, and harmony. Here, we delineate the mission, vision, core values, and philosophy that guide Tenqido, ensuring each aspect reflects its profound dedication to establishing Heaven on Earth.


  • To cultivate an environment where individuals can develop spiritually, physically, and mentally, aligning with the highest principles of universal harmony.
  • To empower practitioners to embody righteousness, courtesy, and patience in their daily lives, thereby contributing positively to their communities.
  • To promote peace, love, and harmony through the practice of Tenqido, encouraging a global community united in these ideals.
  • To teach the principles of maximum efficiency and minimal effort not just as martial arts techniques, but as a way of life, optimizing personal and collective well-being.
  • To create a sustainable and ethical model of practice that respects all living beings and the planet, embodying the principle of doing what is right.


  • A world where every individual has access to the teachings of Tenqido, enabling them to discover their inner strength and live in harmony with themselves, others, and the environment.
  • Communities globally embracing the values of righteousness, courtesy, and patience, leading to a collective state of peace and understanding.
  • The principles of Tenqido influencing global policies and practices, fostering an era of environmental sustainability, social justice, and universal peace.
  • A society where the ideals of love, harmony, and efficiency in action are not only aspired to but lived by, setting a new standard for human conduct.
  • The establishment of Tenqido as a bridge between diverse cultures and beliefs, demonstrating that at the core of humanity lies a shared desire for peace and righteousness.

Core Values

  1. Righteousness: Acting with moral integrity and justice.
  2. Courtesy: Demonstrating respect and kindness to all.
  3. Patience: Embracing tolerance and endurance through challenges.
  4. Peace: Fostering tranquility and non-violence in thoughts, words, and actions.
  5. Love: Cultivating unconditional love for oneself and others.
  6. Harmony: Seeking balance in all aspects of life and nature.
  7. Efficiency: Applying the principle of maximum impact with minimal effort.
  8. Respect: Honoring the intrinsic value of every being and the environment.
  9. Unity: Promoting the interconnectedness of all life.
  10. Compassion: Showing empathy and concern for the suffering of others.
  11. Humility: Maintaining a modest view of one’s importance.
  12. Diligence: Pursuing excellence with persistent effort.
  13. Sustainability: Living in a way that conserves resources for future generations.
  14. Wisdom: Seeking deep understanding and insight.
  15. Gratitude: Appreciating the gifts of life and expressing thankfulness.


  1. Interconnectedness of Life: Recognizing and honoring the unity between all forms of existence.
  2. Dynamic Balance: Achieving and maintaining equilibrium in physical movements, emotions, and ecological systems.
  3. Living in the Present: Emphasizing mindfulness and the importance of being fully engaged in the current moment.
  4. Natural Flow: Adapting gracefully to life’s changes, aligning actions with the natural order of the world.
  5. Personal and Collective Transformation: Encouraging continuous growth and improvement, contributing to the betterment of the individual and the world.

Through the lens of Tenqido, these mission and vision statements, alongside the core values and philosophical underpinnings, guide the practice of Tenqido. They serve not only as principles for martial arts but as a comprehensive approach to living, aimed at cultivating a harmonious, sustainable, and enlightened world.