Tenqido is a martial art that is not a martial art. You can practice Aikido, Judo or Taichi to practice Tenqido. Tenqido is a religion that is not a religion. It is a religion though. You can be an atheist to practice Tenqido. As along as you are authentically peaceful, you can be Catholic, Buddhist, agnostic, into A Course In Miracles, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever else, and still practice Tenqido. Tenqido is a business that is not a business. Tenqido is a church that is not a church. There can be churches of Tenqido. There can be dojos that teach Tenqido. Tenqido is a coalition and a federation. Tenqido can provide services and products of value. Many churches provide value.

Michael Ten is the founder of Tenqido. Michael Ten is an author and artist. His writings and art are expressions of Tenqido principles. To study Tenqido, you can listen to this songs and read these books. To practice Tenqido, you can also study Judo, Qigong, Aikido, Yoga, and/or Taichi at a local dojo/school/academy.

Books by Michael Ten

Radical Life Extension – This book is about why we should defeat aging.

Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery – This book is about why psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.

Extreme Longevity – This book is about how we can utilize social media and grassroots activism to help hasten the defeat of aging.

Music by Michael Ten

Infinite Time  – Michael Ten’s second album Infinite Time is available on all major digital music services.

Ten Milagros – The first album by Michael Ten, Ten Milagros is on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital music services.

Infinite Patience – The third music album by Michael is available, now, too.

Infinite Serenity – Infinite Serenity is the fourth full album by Michael Ten.

These musical album were inspired by futurism and multiple more sources. Cheers, Limitless Peace, and Serenity.

What is Tenqi?

Tenqi is Heavenly Energy or Heavenly Spirit. Tenqi is a partially decentralized autonomous organization. Tenqi is completely an idea. Tenqi is the foundations of Tenqido, a religion that is not a religion. Tenqido is a religion. Tenqido is much like Unitarian Universalism. You can believe whatever you want and still be part of Tenqido, as…