Part of the purpose for Tenqido existing is to help practitioners earn a profit and also promote the following ideas. This is a living document and may be subject to change at any time.

Life Enrichment on a Personal Level

This includes things like not smoking, not littering, not having unplanned children, engaging in potentially enjoyable behaviors, solving problems and so forth.

Life Enrichment on a Societal Level

This includes things like repealing unjust laws, helping others, eradicating diseases and so forth.

Strive to Have Success

Tenqido exists to try and help individuals have success when striving towards worthwhile goals that are legal and ethical.

Earning Money and Entrepreneurship

Tenqido exists to promote employment and entrepreneurship in ways that are sustainable and satisfying to those involved.

Life Enrichment Through Technology

Tenqido exists to help promote the idea that technology can be used for life enrichment. Such technologies include vertical farming, plasma arc gasification, aeroponics, aquaculture, autonomous cars and so forth.

Be as Healthy as Possible

Tenqido exists to help promote the idea that all humans should do things like not smoke, exercise neither too much nor too little and eat healthy.

Engaging in Research, Learning and Education

Tenqido exists to promote the idea that education, learning and research can be used as methods of enhancing one’s own life.

Specialized Skill Development

Tenqido exists to support the idea that specialized skill development can be used as a vehicle for enriching the lives of one’s own self and others. For example, swimming, writing, dancing, acting and many other skills when developed to a high level of proficiency can benefit one’s self and others.

Exoplanet Colonization

Humans will have to colonize other places in addition to Earth eventually.

Radical Life Extension Technologies

Tenqido exists to support cryonics and radical life extension technologies.

Outlawing Psychiatric Slavery

Tenqido supports outlawing civil commitment, psychiatric coercion, and the insanity defense so that a more just and fair society can be developed.

Learning About Self Defense

Tenqido supports learning about self defense, whether through Judo, Kravmaga, a generic self defense class or some other means. Unlikely things can happen and it is better to be as prepared as possible rather than less prepared than might be ideal.

Last updated: August 5, 2023
Creation: January 9, 2014